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                                             Rye Foreign Parish Council Annual Parish Meeting

Tuesday 22nd June 2021 at The Hub, Kiln Drive, Rye Foreign 7 p.m.
There will be a list to fill of who is present with your phone number to cover track and trace.
Social distancing please.      If you want to put a question but not come please contact the clerk 01797227253 or email by 6.45 p.m.
Apologies for absence
2 Minutes of 2020 meeting
3 Report by the Chairman
4 Report by ESCC Councillor Paul Redstone
5 Report from RDC Councillor Paul Osborne or Councillor Elizabeth Hacking
6 Questions from the public

Parish Council Meeting following the Annual meeting

Apologies for absence
Declarations of interest
Election of Chairman
Election of Vice Chairman
Minutes of previous meeting
No reports as given at Annual PM
1 Submit Agar
2 RE Pay insurance to clerk £321.98
3 ESALC paid £121.80
  8 Correspondence forwarded by email
  9 1   Disturbance at Kiln Drive late at night several times with vehicles driving in.
2   State of hedge trimming near bus shelter
3   Should we ask RALC about the hedges and trees trimming out side their garden fences.
                  This seems to happening in all the local parishes.(clerk walks to much)

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