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Rye Foreign History

Rye Foreign is a rural parish and lies on the A268
It starts by the Rye cemetary which is where those big plane trees are by the Kings Head about 1 miles (1.6km) north-west of Rye.
The parish encompasses the hamlets of Bowler's Town and Springfield.
It is characterised by gentle rolling green fields of a mostly pastorol nature with some elements odd woodland, orchards and arable land.
Housing is mostly concentrated to either end of the parish with some scattered developments along the spine of the A268
There is very little development away from the main road.
the 2011 census states the population of the parish as 335.
Rye Foreign got its name because Rye and Winchelsea were once subject  to the Abbey of Fecamp in Normandy.
Henry III felt that for the safety of the realm that this should change
and signed a Charter of Resumption  in 1247,
which brought the ports back under the King's control.
 an area outside Rye remained under the control of Abbey
and this became  known as
Rye Foreign.
The local church of is St Mary's in Rye as the parish chapel now in secular use.
The parish is currently within the Battle and Bexhill parliamentary constitency.
Below is a map showing the Parish Boundary
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